United Methodist Women (UMW)



Wellspring United Methodist Women is open to all women who support our purpose and mission. Our activities and endeavors include Prayer Shawl Ministry, Annual Christmas Market, Providing Academic Scholarships, and more.


Purpose Statement

United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God and to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ; to develop a creative, supportive fellowship; and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church.


National Connections

Special Recognition Awards 2020

The Wellspring unit of United Methodist Women honored Ken Sosinski and Amanda Zasada with Special Recognition awards on Sunday, December 13, 2020.
Amanda and Ken keep our congregation connected. This mission award provides a way for all of us to say “thank you” to them and to meet needs far beyond Wellspring. We thank God for them and have given them the Special Recognition awards to thank them for who they are and for sharing their marvelous talents with us.
This mission recognition spreads faith, hope and love to women, children and youth all over the world. Amanda and Ken are amazing examples of that faith, hope, and love among us.

Where the Money Goes

Pledges & Special Offerings

Five Channels of Giving: Not all United Methodist Women (UMW) member can travel the world, but their mission dollars can through the five channels of Mission Giving. Resources for the channels of giving are available online at https//www.unitedmethodistwomen.org/5channels
1. Pledge to Mission: This is the largest channel of Mission Giving. Individual women pledge the amount that they will give to their local organizations to help fulfill the Purpose of UMW.
The conference UMW pledges a specific amount to the United Methodist Women national organization for mission with women, children and youth and retains a designated percentage to be used for district and conference administration and membership development expenses. This channel of giving enables us to sustain and strengthen our historic commitments and relationships in the United States and around the world.
2. Special Mission Recognition: An individual or group can recognize a faithful worker in mission by giving her or him a Special Mission Recognition pin. A certificate and a pin are available to honor an individual. Gift amounts range from $40 to $2000.
The 2019 awards were given to Bill Keen and Jerry Rodenberg for all their help with the Christmas Markets and for keeping the furnace in good working order for all our meeting and events. 
3.Gift to Mission: Gifts to Mission are typically made in honor of someone for a special occasion. Cards are available to present your gift.
4. Gift in Memory: You can honor the memory of someone special by giving a Gift in Memory of her or him. Cards are available to represent your gift. Your donation makes additional mission work possible in the United States and around the world.
5. World Thank Offering: Throughout the year UMW members participate in a long held tradition giving a spontaneous gift of gratitude for God’s abundance in celebration of the joys of life. Members often have offering boxes or other containers in their homes where they collect the offering throughout the year and then bring it to a special service of thanksgiving. Offering boxes are available at unitedmethodistwomen.org/store at $.40 each. Labels are available at the store free for postage and handling charges. A World Thank Offering program is available every year in the UMW Program Book.
The funds collected are used in the total program of mission carried on through the national UMW organization in the United States and around the world.
2019 5-Star Certificate
is hereby awarded to
Madison: Wellspring UMW



United Methodist Women members also give special offerings that support special grants, including the following:
1. Brighter Future for Children and Youth: United Methodist Women offer grants of up to $4,000 for projects and programs addressing the needs of children and young people between the ages of five and eighteen in the areas of violence prevention, anti-abuse programs and relationship abuse awareness
Types of projects funded by Brighter Future grants are those that
      • Cultivate spiritual life and values
      • Provide direct and comprehensive services to young people
      • Demonstrate the ability to raise additional funds from other sources
      • Include significant involvement of women and youth at grassroots level
      • Promote respect for and appreciation of racial and ethnic diversity
2. Call to Prayer and Self Denial: This annual observance gives local and district organizations an opportunity to study and reflect on a particular theme each year and designate funds for ministries related to that theme. The offering is given on a rotating basis for designated purposes. Programs and mission institutions relate to UMW: capital expenditures (property and building needs) in UMW institutions; the Retirement Benefits Fund, which helps retired missionaries and deaconesses; and one year is reserve for other projects that apply to be a part of the offering.
Offering from the Call to Prayer and Self Denial provide support for mission through grants and dedicated gifts to programs with women, children and youth.


Fellowship of the Least Coin Offering

(Church Women United – CWU)

Calls women to pray regularly for peace and reconciliation at home and in the world: to become instruments of peacemaking in their families and neighborhoods, acting in ways that bring people of different races and groups into greater harmony; and after each prayer, setting aside a penny the “least coin” in US currency -as a token of action and solidarity with Least Coin participants all over the world. This collection of coins is contribute to Church Women United (CWU) once each year, usually at the May Friendship Day celebration and is forwarded to the National Office of CWU. The funds are then sent to the International Committee for the Fellowship of the Least Con for distribution through grants for projects, small businesses, and programs benefiting women throughout the world.

UMW National Reading Program

The Reading Program encourages members to think critically about current issues through an annual selection of member-reviewed books. It offers an excellent opportunity to deepen your spirituality and to broaden your understanding of our mission work. 


The Reading Program Leads to Action

For 150 years, United Methodist Women have been involved in mission that includes prayer, study and action.  The purpose of the program is to encourage United Methodist Women members to:
  • Expand understanding of and participation in Gods mission.
  • Increase sensitivity to all humans beings-their needs, interests and concerns. 
  • Encourage critical thinking about issues facing humanity today.
  • Grow in understanding of Scripture as it relates to Christian faith in contemporary life. 
  • Enhance self-knowledge and act from that knowledge.
  • Strengthen involvement in local and global Christian mission.

Mission Today Award

presented by the
Wisconsin Conference
United Methodist Women
of the
South West District for 2019

To become a “Mission Today,” the unit is to complete 2 criteria from each category:


United Methodist Women shall be a community of women whose purpose is to know God
1. We planned programs that encourage spiritual growth
2. We created prayer partners with other church groups and we sent monthly cards to homebound women of our church
3. At our monthly leadership meetings we used the Prayer Calendar to start the meeting


to experience freedom as whole persons through Jesus Christ
1. Members took advantage of opportunities through UWM Mission U, Spiritual Growth Retreats, Annual Gathering, and Mission Action Day
2. We set aside a time to go over the year’s plans using Mission Today Mission Tasks


to develop a creative, supportive fellowship
1. We honored our organization’s leaders and member contributions with Special Mission recognition.
2. We encouraged everyone to visit other local units : Invite other local units to our events. 
3. We publicized our events in newsletters, bulletin boards, Sunday bulletins, and social media.
4. We planned a year-end program to give thanks and celebrate our accomplishments.

in Action

and to expand concepts of mission through participation in the global ministries of the church
1. We encouraged all members to participate in the Pledge for Mission; we gave reports on where the money goes
2. We involved all members in fundraising
3. We contributed to scholarships (UMW related) and Mission U