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UMW Christmas lunch.
Wellspring UMW Leadership team members 2022
President: Blanche Emerick
Treasurer: Carol Randall
Secretary: Pam Moe
Mission Coordinator for Membership Nurture and Outreach: Nedra Ebsen
Mission Coordinator for Spiritual Growth and Nominations Chair: Sue Plasterer  

Monthly Take Action Now (TAN)

Do you know when the next election is ?
If you are registered to vote?
Where is your polling place
How to get an absentee ballet
Did you know you can track your ballet?
You can find all this information and more on web page
May 2022: Book review
Finding Peace In An Anxious World Edited by Erin James Brown.
You can purchase the book at our national website :  Go to
APRIL 2022: Voices From the Field: Ukraine
United Women in Faith, formerly known as United Methodist Women, had a program in March called Voices From the Field: Ukraine. A panel of women from Ukraine and surrounding countries discussed what is happening in Ukraine and what support and aid is being done for these Women and Children.
We have all heard the horror of the war on the news, but this program features women in the real open war situations.
TAN is recommending that our Wellspring congregation watch this program and give support and prayers for Ukraine. Included are numerous suggestions for further reading and places to donate.
Watch the program by clicking here.
Panelist biographies and additional information is available here.
MARCH 2022: Maternal and Child Health
What is a doula?  Doulas accompany moms and/or their partners in their journey through pregnancy, childbirth and postpartum to help make the process the best it can be.
A doula can:
Offer reliable information
Connect you with resources
Help you create a birth plan
Offer techniques to help alleviate the stress and pain of labor
Assist in facilitating communication between you and health care providers
Lactation support
Postpartum support
There is a long history of women helping other women in childbirth but about in 1930, here in the United States, birthing was moved from the home to the hospital. The word doula comes from the Greek translated to mean servant.  It was first used in 1970 by anthropologist Dana Raphael who adopted it to mean a helper of new mothers.
Today Doulas are trained as professional birth companions and women who go through labor with a doula, according to a study The Chicago Doula project evaluation final report in 2003, report feeling more positive about their births and having a better ability to take care of their babies.
FEBRUARY 2022: Maternal and Child health
Wellspring UMW is supporting the church’s effort to bring more books for children.  Please donate a new or used book to help the cause. 
JANUARY 2022Maternal and Child Health
Health care for women and children is at the heart of United Methodist Women since the organization was founded in the 1800.  Today, United Methodist Women continue to support the health and family needs of women and children around the globe.  Women are still dying in childbirth, children continue to die from preventable disease and many communities have no access to healthcare.  Since 2000 here in the United States, the maternal mortality rate has increased 26.4%.
Wellspring TAN is looking into this issue.  We encourage you to look at this web site to learn more about this subject.  
Rev Luis and his wife, Nindik, are involved in a local organization called roots 4 change which is working to improve maternal and child health.  To learn more about this organization and what they do click onto their web page
DECEMBER 2021: Recycle Christmas Items
In keeping with UMW social action campaign on climate justice and being good stewards of God’s creations, the December (TAN) Take Action Now is to encourage us to recycle as many of the Christmas articles that are acceptable. Also try to use as many biodegradable products that are available. If you have any questions you can link to the above websites or phone numbers in your area.
NOVEMBER 2021: Find Out About Your Area’s Recycling
United Methodist Women has 4 areas of social action campaigns:
  1. Criminalization of communities of color and mass incarceration
  2. Economic inequalities
  3. Maternal and child health
  4. Climate justice
For our November “Take Action Now”project we are concentrating on Climate Justice and being good stewards of God’s creation. Find out about your area’s recycling by going to the website and finding who to call.
Area Information Collected in November:
Streets West: 608-266-4681
Streets East: 608-246-4532
Recycling Coordination: 608-267-2626
608-712-2057 Only answered during open hours
Kelly Hilyard, Sustainability Coordinator:  608-821-8362
Cross Plains:
Town and Country Sanitation:  608-375-5856
Sun Prairie:
Pellitteri Waste Systems: 608-257-4285
Pellitteri Waste Systems 608-257-4285
SEPTEMBER/OCTOBER 2021: How to contact my elected officials
Federal Government: go to
Then put your address on the right hand side of the screen and that will guide you to websites of our 2 senators and your State Representative.
State Government: go to
Then put your address on the right hand side of the screen in the “Who are my Legislators?”
Governor Evers: go to