In 2010, the people of Wellspring created a Food Pantry Garden out of an old playground on the 
church property. It features raised beds, a unique trellis system, lasagna layered plots, mud ball flower bed, and a beautiful pergola complete with a glider swing on which to rest and enjoy the peace you will find in this place. Each year over 300 pounds of vegetables are harvested from this garden, every one of which is donated to a local food pantry to be shared with our friends in need. The Wellspring Food Pantry Garden is lovingly cared for by people of all ages – children to senior citizens. It has become a place where more than vegetables grow…relationships are also nurtured and grow as a result of our work together.


The Community Labyrinth at Wellspring UMC is open for all to walk and meditate any time of day all year round.  This “Tree of Life” design labyrinth is easily accessible on the church’s front yard on Rosa Road.  Never walked a labyrinth before?  No problem.  Here is some helpful information that will introduce you to the art of walking a labyrinth.

What is a labyrinth?

A labyrinth is not a maze. It is a circle, a spiral, a meander with no intersections, no decision points forcing a choice of direction. It is a single path beginning at its edge and spiraling in to its center. The same path is retraced outward.

Why should I walk a labyrinth?

A labyrinth helps one focus one step at a time.  As one walks, one “feels” a labyrinth as much as one travels it and discoveries are revealed along the way, such as: self-discovery, decision making, peace, calm, comfort and direction, creativity, centering, and healing.  The benefits of a slow, focused walk inward and then outward are well worth the time you take to experience the Community Labyrinth.  You are welcome to stop by anytime and “walk with us”.