Church History

cross_and_flame_colorOn January 1, 2013, we became Wellspring United Methodist Church. This new name is a clear and strong reflection of who we are, and the flow of our lives as we live into God’s future for us all. The ever renewing waters one finds in a wellspring are the source of refreshment and the bubbling forth of the spring water resembles the way God leads us outward to journey in the world.

The dragonfly has come to be used as an alternate symbol for the butterfly. Likewise, it takes on the butterfly’s symbolism as it speaks to the Christian faith. The Dragonfly begins life in the water, emerging from it to live on land as it develops into adult form and it’s iridescent and light reflecting wings open. The use of the dragonfly and water, along with the phrase “emerging into a new day” is a strong and vibrant image that reinforces the important reasons for the congregation’s decision to change its name to Wellspring United Methodist Church.

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