• Service is a Verb

    Service is a Verb

  • Generations Gently Mingle

    Generations Gently Mingle

  • Diversity is Appreciated

    Diversity is Appreciated

  • You are Refreshed for the Journey

    You are Refreshed
    for the Journey

New Sermon Series

Storytelling goes way, way back to the very beginnings of our history. At one time, the “Storyteller” was the teacher, the teller of cultural history, the one who entertained, helped educate the children, reminded the families of where they’ve come from and where they are going. Story-telling was both gift and art. While not everyone has the gift of storytelling, we all know the importance of stories. Sometimes we just want the familiarity of the old, old stories to remind us of where we’ve come from and to better understand where we’re going.

Beginning May 7, we’re going to tell some of the old stories from our Old Testament. We can all look forward to spending some time with these old friends and hearing how their stories intersect with our story.

7-May  Noah  Genesis 9:1-17

14-May  Abraham  Genesis 22:1-12

21-May  Joseph  Genesis 37:1-11

28-May  David  1 Samuel 17

4-Jun  Rebekah

11-Jun  Moses  Exodus 17-8-13

18-Jun  Naomi and Ruth  Ruth 1:1-19a

25-Jun  Esther  Esther 3:10-13a; 4:10-14


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